i took cinnamon to the vet friday because she had thrown up considerably during the night. its always disconcerting to wake up to puddles of deposited pet food on the floor. especially with my long history with sick pets. the vet did an x-ray and found a mass, so we authorized an ultrasound. the mass is originating from her liver, and is about the size of a grapefruit. its taking up a lot of room. so … i cursed the growth in Jesus’ name. we are going to start her on chemotherapy as well. though its true that everything biological dies, it isnt necessary for anything to die from sickness. so i have made my stand.

who dumped the dog

saturday we went to our favorite thai restaurant for dinner, and their television was on – as it usually is early in the dinner hour. the kentucky derby was on, and we had the pleasure of watching a most emotional win. in the last half of the last quarter of the race, mine the bird came from the last place to finish first by nearly 15 lengths. it was as if the horse has warp speed as he effortlessly threaded through the pack, broke through, and left them all behind. im not one to get misty over sports, but i am fond of horses and i always favor victory. this win did move me, however, and i got chills as i watched a horse given 50-1 odds break though and win in such a stunning manner. he was truly like the wind. it was most impressive, and worth watching.


my garden is looking good, except for the empty places left where the beau dug up the hastas. i gave seven hastas to one of my coworkers, whos yard has more shady areas than mine. last year the hastas fried in the summer sun. fried hasta isnt that appealing. i bought a couple of caladiums, and i like the way they look in place of the hastas, so i plan to by more and fill up the holes. i also added pansies and coleus, whish i will get more of as well. its been very wet and rainy this spring, and all the plant life is thriving. its been a beautiful spring, even for here where it usually goes from winter directly to hot, with maybe a week of spring.

that the troublesome miss thang has moved out. the other girl doesnt ever cause problems. whether she can afford to stay or not by herself is another thing. i wouldnt mind if she did. i actually hope so.

last week at work the alarm malfunctioned, and sent the top six floors out of the building. that was fun. false alarms seem to happen more than they should, and people dont take them seriously. seems most of the people who come out of the building, both visitors and employees, mostly hang out in the main floor or just outside next to the building. if we ever get a real threat, like a fire or worse, it could get messy. foolish humans.

i will get back with pictures of my garden later this week.