there has been a lot going on of late.

i have been working on my photography. i have really begun to enjoy trying to learn to use my camera more creatively. the beau brought home a photography magazine, the premiere issue of ‘color’, just for my inspiration. they are having a contest, with various prizes among which are being featured in their magazine and getting exposure to buyers and collectors of photo art. one of my coworkers also bought two copies of a book on digital photography and gave one to me.

then one of my other coworkers has been urging me to get my poetry published. the beau has said i write like david frost, and she said so as well. wow … thats quite a compliment!

so this weekend one of my goals is to get copyrights to my works, and get published. the poetry is for fun, but i would like to make money with my camera if i can.

our neighbor to the south has recently rented his house out, having had it on the market for a year with no sale. the two girls that rented it are definitely ‘good girl – bad girl’. they are both young, around 20 yrs i think. and polar opposites. the good one has shown herself to be responsible, and desiring to conduct herself like and adult, while the other is out for a good time. we refer to her as miss thang, and she is all attitude and self will. earlier in the week miss thang had some boys over, and all had been drinking – they were sauced. one of them went out to the side of the house to talk on his cell phone, and decided to relieve himself on the side of the house. since i saw him doing this, i promptly opened the window and quite lit into him. he responded with lots of yes ma’ams, and i felt satisfied i had dealt with the issue. if the police had caught him, he would have been arrested, and subsequently labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. i really didnt want that, but i did want to put a little fear of God in him. i then took a picture of the car the young men were driving, and the beau went out to get the tag number. thats when the other young man, a white boy trying to be a boy in the hood, came out and started getting all in the beaus face. then miss thang came out and got all in mine. ah the joys of drinking too much. all would have been well enough if they had left it alone. the final results, since miss thang would not shut up, was that i called the police, but only to file a report and have a mediary. the next day the other girl came over, apologized for things, and said she rather talk like adults. apparently they arent getting along with each other either. we both think it wont be long before miss thang is living somewhere else.

so, it has been a rather eventful few weeks. i been busy  🙂

my son is currently somewhere not far from lake tahoe testing weapons for the marine corps. he said its painfully boring where hes stationed.

later …