last week roy came to live with us.

it was saturday, and the beau was out front doing a few things around the house, and getting ready to wash out the cats litter boxes, when a big chocolate lab came up to say hello. he had a collar, and sweet golden brown eyes. and he was very interested in everything the beau was doing. the beef jerky in the open garage as well, which the beau gave him a piece of. they started getting along right off.

he hung around for two days, staying in our yard. he liked cinnamon, who he could see through the glass front door. the cats actually didnt freak out over his presence on the porch. i was trying to get over a respiratory problem, and came home from work early on monday, to be greeted by the big brown dog, still here. my neighbor across the street put him in her back yard to keep him from getting hit by a car or something, and put an ad in the paper for found dog. no one came to claim him.

so we took possession of him, and took him to the vet for shots, and got him a new collar and a crate. and named him roy.

looking at the camera roy sitting roy lays down

he is a very well mannered dog, although he has a lot of energy. he likes to please, and already is crate trained, house broken (except he tried to mark the cat room), and walks well on a lead. he already sits, lays down, and stays – sort of. he learned to shake in one day. and cinnamon is showing him how to play tug. they eat together, and sleep together, although for now he sleeps in his crate. he loves the kitties, and they are tolerant of him. actually, thor is in love with him. thor always loves our dogs.

so i finally got that companion i wanted for cinnamon.

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