we have been having cold weather, since my last post, when it was so unseasonably warm. since then, the cold swept down upon us like raiders from the north, occupying rather than plundering. a welcome deliverance, if you ask me. the wind is the only thing that i dont really like, except when we are home in the evenings with the fire burning in the hearth and a good movie on the screen. during those evenings i love to hear it howl outside while we are warm and cozy inside.

we recently bought an old nintendo 64, and a couple of games we really liked that arent on any other game system. its kind of funny – we have a new playstation 3 sitting in the den, and there we sit in the parlor playing a primitive game on an old archaic game system. but clay fighter is such a funny game, and the characters are great. the other game i liked so much, shadowman,  actually is also put out by playstation 2, but it was right there so i got it. its fun playing those older games again. i enjoy having a parlor.

i caught a nice sunrise yesterday morning. what do you think?


sunrise from car clouds lighting up from the parking lot the crest of the sunrise

i have half a day scheduled off today, as long as the girl who called in sick yesterday comes in. i really want off early.

remember, there was only one Christmas. the rest have all been anniversaries.

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