the cold of winter swept down on us yesterday, not unlike a woman throwing a blanket across a bed. but it was not a woman. it was the ice queen, the skirts of her frosty gown whipping along the streets and byways, leaving puddles and water dished frozen in her wake.


ah, my glorious winter.

today the sky is a cold gray slate with little streaks of white where the sun tries to get through. but if the slate clouds that cover us were to be burned back by the deceptive winter sun, it would only be the colder. and yet, as i watch, the clouds are moving away, brushed away as her skirts drag across us. with the sun turned cold, and the days short, it means we will have another cozy night drinking hot cocoa by the fire. its the perfect time to have a few days vacation.

winter sun

in a few minutes we are leaving to have breakfast out, and to go shopping for christmas gifts. i love that i can wear my sweaters and boots. i love the feel of the frigid air on my face, and in my hair. this is my favorite season, when i come outside, when i come to life.

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