thats what ive become of late. a ghost. ive been here, silently drifting through, observing others, remaining invisible.

ive had a lot on my plate of late. the co worker that answers the phone first was gone on vacation for two weeks, and we seemed to have two weeks of mondays. then there was booking the flight for my son and daughter in law to come out. those things are a challenge for me, because i dont do them often. the dog recently did her business on the floor, and although the clean up wasnt that hard, i did have to throw out the ugly hall runner that we have used since we moved here. kind of a mixed blessing, because it was functional but ugly, purchased for $15 at a garage sale. the primary purpose then was for bougar to have a rug to walk on, because hard wood was too slippery for her. but it was ugly, and always getting pushed out of place even with those non skid things under it. rugs dont hold under cats with the rips, or dogs who feel they have to guard the house from the mail man. so now i have a bare floor in the hall, which neither of us like much. the wood is pretty, but i like rugs to walk on.

the stress from work was the real weight on my head in all this. nothing bad, just very very busy. so glad the co worker is back.

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