i have happy news! the beau and i are going to fly my son and his little family out here for thanksgiving. this will be our gift to them for Christmas, albeit early, and a solution to seeing them again. its been two years since i saw them at the wedding. its impossible for us both to go anywhere out of town for more than a day trip, with four cats – always seems to be one with a separate diet – and a needy dog who has serious separation anxiety. i live in a crazy world.

so i will get to see my newest granddaughter in a month and a half or so, and see my son and daughter in law again. they were quite surprised and happy when i asked them if we could fly them out. i will take lots of pictures, of course.

i am putting in some new things in my garden, and will be decorating a little for the seasonal holidays – just for fun.

busy days coming up.

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