i havent been very inspired this month. i look at my little den, then turn and walk away. odd, because i love my little den here. and i feel i want to write. but there is quiet where the words usually are. seems writing about that is the best i can muster right now.

it isnt the season thats robbed me of my verbiage. i quite love fall, although it still isnt cool enough for me. perhaps its stress from work. we just seem to get busier and stay busier than we used to. the boss is getting a little crazier. she has a serious family situation, and it effects her at work more than she realizes. it concerns one of her children, and would be a heavy burden for anyone. perhaps its my longing to get back to the pacific northwest. i so dislike it here. i like my job, in spite of the current stress, because i enjoy my position, and i like everyone i work with. even my stressed out boss. i love my house, and have enjoyed doing things to it my own way. makes it tolerable living here, but only tolerable. there is nothing else about this town, or this state, that i remotely like. i have been missing sammy lately too.

maybe next month i will have my fire back.

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