gothic beauty 

finally a magazine i can sink my teeth into! its nice to see there really are magazines that cater more to my line of interest. and after looking through the latest bazaar, i find gothic isnt anymore bizarre. after looking through the most recent vogue, i feel that gothic is less vague. certainly, the styles might be darker, but they arent any stranger, than the current fashion on the runway or in the ads. but probably more wearable.

of course the beau, who got it for me, had to have it ordered. but hey, if this is available, then maybe gothic living is available too.

speaking of dark, we went to see ‘the dark knight’ friday. it was superb, and the late heath ledger was brilliant in his role as the joker. im sad there wont be another with him in it. reminds me of ‘the crow’, with brandon lee, who also gave an awesome performance, but died way too soon and didnt even get to finish the movie. crap.

i have always been a batman fan. its about the only mainline comic book character that i ever really liked. i like the whole gotham city world. the characters are all regular people, all from this time. the hero, though dark and brooding, is very human. rather than super powers, he uses his mind, his athletic ability, and his money to give him an edge. and his incorruptible morals. the villains are all human as well. though they may have been changed into something more sinister by chemical mishaps, or they may use them as tools of their trade, they too use their twisted intellect and physical abilities to do their deeds. only catwoman borders on the mystical. in short, they are all more on this level than most other comic book characters.

im looking forward to the next one.

im so looking forward to the end of hot weather. tomorrow september begins, and maybe with it the decline of the ‘hot but feels like much hotter’ heat index. sigh. i miss my ocean.

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