six glorious days! away from work and free to enjoy my home and just relax.

my flower beds are doing better since the heat relented and i have been able to get in and weed and such. the beau kept every thing watered through the heat, and kept it all alive. last weekend – oh that was only two days ago, ah ha ha – no it was the weekend before last, we worked on the encroaching jungle from next door, and cut back the vegetation. the guy that lives there is selling the house, and never has shown much enthusiasm for yard work. i doubt he will even notice what we did to the vines back there. maybe the new home owners will even be glad we gave them a head start on taming the jungle. im just glad we can once again walk behind our shed without being assaulted by vines and mosquitos. the rats are next.

the new diet is going well, albeit too slowly for me. it isnt just "a diet" till i get where i want to be, however. it is a new diet for me, based on my body type and what it requires. i have to spend more time in the kitchen than i used to, but i find im liking it. God has so blessed me with this house, and filled it – and keeps filling it  – with good things, that i really enjoy being here and doing things. even in the kitchen. i like my kitchen.

duet 6:11 says God will give us houses, and fill them with all good things. i can really testify to that. i sometimes wonder why some people get so offended when Christians prosper. if i can prosper because of Gods promises, anybody can. it isnt anything i did for myself. its just Gods desire to bless His people. ive heard all the arguments to the effect that God wants to keep us poor to keep us humble. the problem with that thinking is first that God doesnt try to keep us humble. He expects us to be responsible for that ourselves. second, prosperity one didnt get for ones self is far more humbling than being in a position to boast about how well one is bearing up under dire circumstances. i have seen those people who brag about how humble they are, and how well they are "bearing their cross", when all the while they are simply drawing attention to themselves and their behavior. here is a challenge for you, if you feel this way. the bible says Jesus is the very image and expression of God. i challenge you to search the gospels, and see if you can find me an example of Jesus refusing anyone help or healing because God wanted to humble them or teach them some ethereal lesson.

i feel strongly about getting things right.

i have the usual clutter of paperwork, mail, and bank balances to sort through. sigh. maybe i will find my checks. otherwise i am going to have to order new checks, which would then have my current address on them. i have a book i started, and put down when we moved, and didnt pick up again, that i want to get back to. i have plans to start trying my hand at selling my own photography too.

best get to it then.