tomorrow the world. well … may next weekend …

i finally got into the yard to tend to the plants, pull a few weeds and vines, thin out the ornamental grass that i guess isnt going to take no for an answer. the beau also bought a pair of grass sheers for me, because there are some places you just have to do by hand.

the first thing i did was clip the old buds off the roses. there were a few vines making their way on the outer most bush, and when i went to pull it off, i found aphids. ack!  with all their poison tipped thorns, a rose has no defense against aphids. funny how they were only on the vine and not on the rose bush at all. maybe i got it in time. funny color too. ive never seen yellow aphids. only lime green ones.

aphids 1aphids 2

i only did the front last evening. the back will take the greater part of the day, so that we will get started on later today. the honey suckle jungle from next door has crept over into my yard. its gone way wild over there, and has become a breeding house for mosquitoes and a sanctuary for rats. thats going to get some attention. the main work for the back will be trimming, pruning, and hedging. i like that kind of work. the little detail trimming is actually much harder.

i am happy to report i have honey bees visiting the spider plant on my front porch, both for the nectar in the blossoms, and the spilled humming bird food from the feeder above it. there are quite a few humming birds too.

yesterday just as we were approaching the last turn to our house from an outing, we were surprised by a peregrine falcon swooping down right in front of the car, seemingly in slow motion, and then gliding up into the trees in the yard of the house on that corner. i saw his eyes, and the feathers on his belly. i wish i could have gotten a picture, but it wasnt to be. still, i have a record of it in my head forever.

i once saw an eagle do the same thing somewhere in nebraska as i traveled back from north carolina with my unborn son. that was a while back.

im so pleased with the unusual temperatures this year. its much cooler than is normal for august and early september. still humid, but bearable. the ragweed isnt as bad as it usually is as a result.

with all this, i still have the pacific northwest in my sights. that will never change.