7Day 8 10


the rains have come back, at least for now. they have driven the heat back to hell. i was able to get some work done in the front flower beds, thinning out the wandering jews, pulling weeds and unauthorized vines, and trimming the grass around my hydrangea with a pair of scissors. one of my clematis has blossoms on it, deep reddish purple flowers. the other has buds, and they should be some kind of pink. im hoping to get the last three trees in the ground today. they will go in the back yard. they are all smaller trees, and will provide shade without bothering the power lines. however, i think the power company has plans to bury the lines in town, because one day last month we came home to find orange lines and orange and yellow flags in the back yard. and ive heard talk. that would be a long overdue good thing for here. power lines should never have been in the sky in the first place.

im changing my eating habits. it may be challenging, because i dont like to eat all the time. but apparently thats something i need to do to change my level of fitness. eat more proteins, and eat more often. so i will have to learn to like different things. thats fine. the pay off will be worth it. food isnt that important to me. my biggest challenge wont be having to give anything up, but rather having to eat more. food is really important to the women i work with, though. one who has health challenges went on this diet that is designed around your body type, and it has done wonders for her and her husband. they have seen changes in their weight, and their over all health. she jumped right in and made the changes immediately. but in considering any diet change most of the other women in the office balk at changing what they eat. are people so attached to their food? they get really pissed if a scheduled lunch gets canceled. gawd! its just lunch. half the time i dont even eat lunch, scheduled or otherwise. i rather walk. not that there arent things i enjoy – but i can do without them. so my challenge will be eating enough to kick up my metabolism. but i am going to do it. i want the changes.

so im off to wrap up my week end. two weeks and two days from now i have a vacation coming. august 27 to september 1. every one always asks me where i will be going on my vacation. i like to spend my vacations at home. not that i like it here so much, i just have a house i really like now, and i like spending time here. when i get back to the pacific north west it will be even more so.

i can hardly wait for that …