we had our own horror mystery this week. and i learned another home owner lesson.

not long ago we heard sounds in our chimney, the sounds of rustling creatures. we have been going out around 9pm now and then to watch as the fireflies and bats emerge from their hidden resting, the fireflies to court and the bats to feed. we both, then, assumed we had a bat or two in the chimney.

sadly, this was not the case.

we had been having a few problems with the common house fly. they would congregate in the garage, and come into the den as we came and went through the door. they seemed to like the garage, and hung out by the fluorescent light. but they liked our interior better. much to our dogs dismay. she hates them, because they bite her. we had gotten as many as six in the evening, buzzing around the lamp. bleh!

monday when we came home, we found quite a different scene. at least two dozen bottle flies were covering the windows in the den. aaggghhh!

gray fly

we grabbed newspaper and began swatting them. the cats must have enjoyed watching this. then we took weather stripping and stopped up the gap in the back doorway, where the seal wasnt quite straight.

there! that should do the trick!

ha. little did we know that wasnt where they were coming in from. when we got home tuesday we had even more flies. the beau saw one emerge from a small opening in the fireplace, where there is a key thing in the brick. when he investigated, carefully opening the flue, he found seven dead sparrows.

this, then, was the source of the bottle flies.

he removed the birds, and lit the fire for about twenty minutes. then, he put some screen around the top of the chimney, replacing what squirrels evidently had chewed through at some point.

note to self: always maintain screen covering top of chimney.

poor little birds  ;(

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