saturday i worked in the yard some.  it was a beautiful morning, and cool. unseasonably cool. so i went out to the shed to get a few things, a shovel, some potting soil … and of course there was no way into the shed. so i moved a coil of some old cord, and crashing down came one of the shelves that had way too much stacked on it. nothing broke, and nothing hit me.

ok fine.

so i took everything out of the shed, and rearranged it in my customary organizational way … which took about an hour. the shed is always hot. its probably hot in the winter. and saturday morning was no exception. i got pretty warm getting it all sorted, but it was started, and i need to be able to get in and get things safely.

then i began my work on one of the flower beds in the back yard. it took a couple more hours in the rapidly increasing heat – at least i was in the shade of the house, but it was still hot – to clean out the weeds, dig up as many old bulbs as i could find, and add potting soil to freshen up the bed. plus giving the dog two hose downs because she wanted to help me dig, and wanted to lay in the cool dirt. then i planted 29 marigolds, and the two mosquito plants. and a few flower seeds. when i came in i was seriously hot. i still had some energy to help the beau a little with his project of getting some large containers of stuff up into the attic, and getting down some stuff for ebay.

i felt tired, and my head hurt i little, but i wasnt burned or anything. when i got up sunday morning, i felt the effects of having over done it a bit.

summer 1, me 0.

we had had a thunderstorm during the night, and there had been a surge, which apparently ‘adjusted’ the security alarm. eh heh heh. so when i opened the back door, instead of getting the normal beep beep to let me know i needed top disarm it, it simply went off.

its very loud.

the beau was up in a flash. well, he wanted to get up early anyway …

they called the land line first. we never answer that one. its there for the fax and the internet. i told them that when the sales guy was here, and when the installation guy was here.

then they called the beaus cell, which was turned off. he always turns his phone off at night. i told them that too.

sigh …

then they called the police. then they called me. so i told them what happened, and the proper sequence of numbers to call in case the alarm is tripped, and they called the police again not to come. the last time i was in a house where the alarm was tripped, it was in a house i was cleaning with another woman. she got the disarm code wrong, and couldnt remember the password, so the police came out with their weapons drawn. that was fun.

so the weekend was, um, eventful. i was pretty tired from saturdays heat, so after the alarm snafu i laid low all day sunday. the sun apparently really kicked my butt, because i felt slightly ill all day, with a slight headache and fatigue. fatigue is something i rarely experience.

i guess i will do my yard work in the early morning or later in the evening from now on.

im so not fond of summer here.

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