thx to puzzle who tagged me, a fun little eighter

  here are the rules:

– each person posts the rules before their list,

– then lists 8 things about themselves,

– at the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people,

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  1. i find it very satisfying to work in my yard. i love getting a flower bed ready, buying plants, and putting them in. the work is hard and hot, but after a shower i feel so good.
  2. i dont like most modern comedy movies. i think theyre dumb, and they dont appeal to me at all. i also find most musicals boring.
  3. ive always been intrigued with the nazis, especially the waffen SS and himmler. its kind of a morbid fascination.
  4. i border on the synesthesic in the arena of color and sound, and personification.
  5. i found out in december that i have german ancestors. george heinrich crist is one of them. his wife was elizabeth nowlin.
  6. most of my dreams are in night/dark settings, or indoors.
  7. i hate being late.
  8. i have always been a morning person. my favorite time of day is around 5am. usually crash by 10pm. i also love to drive at night in the rain.

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