transitive verb  (past and past participle re·gard·ed, present participle re·gard·ing, 3rd person present singular re·gards)


1. consider somebody or something: to think of somebody or something as having a particular nature or quality or a particular role or function
I regard his gift as an apology.

2. have feelings in relation to something: to have a particular feeling toward somebody or something
At first they regarded the idea of early retirement with horror.

3. judge somebody or something: to have an opinion as to the quality or worth of somebody or something
I regard her highly.

4. look at somebody or something: to look at something or somebody steadily or attentively
regarded the photograph with interest

5. be about something: to be about or concerned with something
This memo regards your performance review.


transitive verb  (past and past participle dis·re·gard·ed, present participle dis·re·gard·ing, 3rd person present singular dis·re·gards)


1. ignore somebody or something: to ignore or pay no attention to somebody or something

2. treat somebody or something disrespectfully: to treat somebody or something with contempt or without respect



neglect: a lack of attention or respect

something it really hate is to be disregarded. i would rather be insulted than treated with disregard. at least when someone insults you they acknowledge you. but when they disregard you, they act as if you arent there, or have nothing to contribute. its more infuriating than being slapped in the face.

i recently encountered this attitude from a salesperson at a carpet and flooring store. i had gone in with the beau in may to purchase a remnant for my dining room. i had bought a remnant in december for the bedroom, and had it cut and bound, and was happy with the carpet and the whole experience. the salesperson i had then informed us there was a service available to have the piece bound. makes the carpeting tight around the edges, instead of all frayed and loose. thats why i came back to this same store, because it was a pleasant experience.

the next time we came in, it was to see if they still had the other roll, like the one i had bought before. they did, and we told this salesperson what we wanted. he acted from the very start as though it was a chore to take care of this. it was may 3rd, and he said he would call when our carpet was ready. he didnt, so we called, a week later. on may 10th we picked up the bound piece that was for the dinning room, and i asked the office manager (our salesperson wasnt there that day) to please have the 4’x12′ leftover piece bound too. he said fine, and we left the store.

three weeks went by, and finally i called to inquire about my piece of carpet. i talked to my salesperson, who in a sleepy, disinterested voice said the guy who does the binding was on a week of vacation, and when he came back my carpet would get done. it should be ready in about a week, and he would call me. he said he would take care of it.

three more weeks go by and im near the store, but its raining hard so i dont stop in. tow more weeks go by, and its saturday, and the beau and i go in to get our carpet. the salesperson says he doesnt know where it is first, and then that the binder is going on vacation and when he gets back …

we both get upset at this point. the beau confronts the office manager, and i join him because the salesperson has devolved into mumbling incoherently, and looking at my receipt. im starting to wonder about him. the office manager, instead of trying to help us, gets defensive. the beau is angry and wanting to do all the talking. no one is considering what i am saying at all.

well, after a promise from the beau to call the better business bureau and lodge a complaint, we get a promise that it will be found and will be there monday. when i call monday evening, i get the office manager and am told its gone. no one can find it. he at least offers to try to replace it, so i will hold him to that.

but in the end, i cant help feeling like he really only wants to avoid the complaint to the BBB, and really doesnt want to hear what i think of the whole mess. the mumbling salesperson just isnt right. and i feel disregarded. at least the beau listens to me. but when hes angry about something, my logical analysis gets brushed over.

this is more of a rant than anything. its not that im wounded. its just a burr under my saddle, so to speak. a really prickly burr.

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