since im not one to celebrate days in traditional ways, and neither is the beau, its no surprise we didnt go to the lake, grill anything, or go watch fireworks. we didnt decorate in patriotic colors or flags. i didnt even put up the old wrinkly window stickers at work. there is a duel purpose for window stickers at work. it keeps people from trying to put their heads through the glass around my desk, and it offers a little cheer to an office that often sees serious conditions. but i have flowers and little bugs on my windows, so i didnt feel the need to add to it, and those flag stickers are so old and un sticky …


i celebrate just the same. the day doesnt mean that much to me. its a nice reason to be off from work. but the independence that we have, not being dominated by another country, not even being dependant on another country for support or protection, is something i appreciate deeply. being of an independent nature myself, this means much to me. i am thankful to live in a country where i am free to speak my mind, and worship God openly. i am free to be myself, without fear of imprisonment. that is something that i do not take lightly.

maybe it seems ironic that i dont care for politics, or that i have little regard for the contestants running for office. i do, however, respect the office being run for. nevertheless, i have no interest in the campaigns, the platforms, or the promises of those who would be king. this lot isnt any different than the last lot, or the lot before them.  they all have their own personal agenda in their hearts. few and far between have been the leaders who were worth anything.

its the soldiers who put their lives on the line for me that i regard. those who orchestrate wars mean nothing to me. its those who fight them that have my respect, and my support. and my vote. most of the men and women who go off to battle believe in what they are risking their lives for, and for what they are making the other guys risk their lives for. in some ways, i respect the men fighting on the other side, because they risk all for their cause. but in spite of all the grand speeches made by all the leaders on every side, i see no real heart in any of their eyes. in ancient days a real king was at the forefront of his army, and fought along side his warriors. what if they had to lead their armies into battle like rulers of old? ha! thats never going to happen.

this is about as political as you will ever see me get. for though i highly esteem my freedom, its in gratitude to those who purchased it for me, and continue to guard it. that is what means something to me.

dont think i have forgotten those whose homes and lives were lost who lived here first.