people tend to make jokes out of things that are heavy. this comedy act didnt offend me in the least, because it targeted things that are wrong. the point wasnt to make light of them, but just the opposite, to put light onto them. this is often why comedians joke about criminal things. pedophilia is an awful thing. done by priests is awful. but the point wasnt pedophilia, it was hypocrisy in the catholic priesthood, covered up for decades, by a society that depicts itself as being the epitome of chritianity, the very mouthpiece of God. but then, the act wasnt all about that either. that was only mentioned. also mentioned was dysfunction and homosexuality among american celebrities, greed and materialism among jews, and mentioned more than any other target was radical muslim terrorism, muslim doctrine, and muslim intolerance. are any of these topics funny? no. i dont find anything funny about suicide bombers, dirty priests, radical terrorism, racism, eating disorders, homosexuality, greed, or hypocrisy. but thats the whole point, isnt it. it wasnt to make these things seem acceptable, it was to highlight that these things are not acceptable and cannot be swept under a rug while we pretend to be tolerant.

activists arent the only ones who can make a point. sometimes a completely different format gets through to more people, and gets past their natural closedness to social activists on bandwagons, and brings things to the table right out in front of every one.

there is one other point that i think is worth mentioning. the whole act was done from the perspective that this is really how most radical muslims see americans, and this is how they think about us.

i have always had a rather sarcastic sense of humor. i guess thats why i like achmed the dead terrorist.  i like his whole finger pointing routine. im sorry if my catholic supervisor took it personal, but last time i checked pedophilia wasnt part of the catholic doctrine or practice. and she didnt have any trouble laughing at the rest of the jabs at every one else. i have always been one to laugh at the humiliation of the bad guy. i have myself been one to use sarcasm to expose hypocrisy. im not ashamed of it.

here is the video. if you dont want to watch it, that wont offend me. but at least get the point, that this whole thing is a sarcastic view of things that too often get excused away, and then left to stink in the closet. besides, it really is funny.