ah, the cool air was rolling over me this morning as i watched the storm clouds roll in. after writing this morning, the rain started, and some lightening. i took my shower, and the beau was still in bed listening to the developing storm. i looked at the radar, and it was a sizable system. hmm …

flicker. flicker flicker. dark. dang it.

it was quite the storm that barged over the area like a childish teenager having a tantrum. throwing things, like tree limbs, into power lines and cars. and transformers. the wind shot gusts upwards of 70 mph straight across, and the rain was horizontal. i wondered, once again, why people have garages, and use them for stuff they dont need instead of for car storage. our car is kept in the garage. how novel.

natures tantrum raged on for a couple of hours, and then moved off in a huff. left behind were the damages done. the whole west side is still without power, and has much worse damage than we do. there are still areas in the dark, buy our neighborhood had only a line down, and we had power restored after 7½ hrs. i have reset all but one digital clock, which i will get to before i go to bed, as it is my alarm. the beau may have one more day of vacation since the power is out where he works. always is when there is a storm. we will see in the morning, i suppose.

its cool again in the house. i really am looking forward to moving back to the west coast.

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