ahh God is good! yesterday, as i sat writing about my plight, it was close to 80° in my house, at 8 am. it was 71° outside …

i looked up local air conditioning places on the internet, and picked one that had a nice web site. their answering message said they checked their answering service messages, and would return calls quickly. they did. i got a return call within five minutes. i was told a diagnostic would be $91, over the weekday price of $71. if i wanted them to fix it after they found the problem, it would be about 20% more than week day prices, and the diagnostic fee would be waived. i said ok, send someone, and they said it would be early afternoon.

i took my shower, and sat in front of the fan, and had the windows open because it was growing cloudy and dark. there were tornado warnings in the counties just north of us.

about 9:30 my phone rang. it was the service man, calling to tell me he would be here in fifteen minutes, they had gotten swamped with calls, and called out more guys to work. the beau was taking his shower, but was happy to hear it was going to be so soon.

he arrived in about ten minutes, and i took him around back. he did his diagnostic and told me it was the compressors (i think), they had locked up. a common problem this time of year apparently, and he had replacements in his truck. he gave me a estimate price of $214, and i said do it. i remember the days when i would have thought that was out of my reach to afford.

it had become quite dark after he arrived, and while he was working it began to rain. hard. he had an umbrella, and said he would continue to work, and had it fixed in about twenty minutes. afterward, when i handed him the check, i gave him the twenty dollar bill the beau said was for his lunch, and no was not an option.

of course it had stopped raining by then.

then i could feel the cool air streaming in. what a wonderful feeling! i so dont take the heat well. i can work in it if i have to. i have walked in it many times. but to sit in my house and be hot just makes me miserable. cold one can escape with more clothes, activity, and even a hot shower or hot drink. hot is impossible to escape.

later we took thor to the vets to see if his stitches could be removed. while we were waiting in an exam room, we heard a woman sobbing and telling the doc how her cat or dog – not sure which – had come around the corner with two holes in his neck. ew! i felt so bad for her. we had to wait a little bit while they addressed the emergency, but that was quite alright. then the doc came in and looked at thors tail. no, still a few more days, so i will bring him in wednesday and drop him off. they will have to sedate him anyway to do anything to him. he is a sweet little boy, but hates to have anything done to him, and fights it every step. and he is twelve pounds of muscle.

its looking dark out the window again this morning. it has been a most turbulent spring this year. i will let you know if anything happens. meantime, its nice to hear the air coming on and maintaining the set temperature.