its only may, and already the heat is on. its been in the 90s for a couple of weeks now. and for reasons beyond my comprehension my coworkers mostly like to have the temperature in the office around 75°. so, its with great anticipation that i get in my car and crank up the air conditioning. then off to a cool house.

last night was no exception. the beau picked me up from work, his last work day of vacation, and we went home. the ADT man came out as scheduled, and we set up home security. then i worked in the yard finally after many hot or rainy days of not getting to. when i came in it was quite cool. later, as we watched some TV, the lights seemed to be dimming a tiny bit, like mini power fluctuations. we went to bed, and gradually the house began to get warmer. the air conditioner was on, but the air coming from the vents was not cold. uh oh. we discovered it around 2am.

i sat up in front of a box fan and immediately gave this over to God. i cannot take much heat, and here it is the weekend. the beau goes back to work monday. this looks like a job for the Holy Spirit! im not sure quite how this will work out, but im sure it will work out. as i sit here right now there are clouds in the sky. i will be calling air conditioning services to see what might be available, and how much extra it will cost for weekend or after hours – if i can find a place thats open. something good will happen. like i said, i gave it to God first thing. and He is God, He is my Father, and He is my covenant Partner.