the rest of my holiday weekend was much nicer. i wanted to work in the yard, but it was too hot and sticky, i just couldnt bare it. so sunday we went out and bought some clothes. we almost never buy clothes. i almost never find clothes i like. and a nice little pair of white slip on sandals that are not flip flops. i hate flip flops.

monday i got it in my head the beau needed a new grill. the one we had is all rusty, and truly gross. after looking at the sears web site, i found one i liked, and off we went. they actually had one left, in spite of the sale. we grabbed it, and went home to put it together. it was 8pm by the time we finished, so we had a really light supper, and decided to do our grilling on tuesday. we will be doing a lot of grilling from now on.

it rained really hard monday night. gizmo doesnt like rain, even though he isnt out in it. the sound on the roof unnerves him, and he slinks around like liquid tar, with eyeballs. he was in bed before we were, and hid under the covers while it rained.

the rain made the air cooler, but more humid. since we dont yet have a french drain, the yard was too swampy to work in. sigh. i suppose if im going to get anything done in the yard i will just have to spray myself with repellant, set myself to bare the sticky climate, and get after it. bleh.

thor managed to pull out two or three stitches when we werent watching. we have been keeping him in one of the cages, with the collar on, so he cant mess with his tail. he isnt very happy about it. we let him out when we are around and can keep an eye on him, but its hard to watch him every minute. i will be as glad to get the stitches out as he will.

ladies and gentlemen, this concludes todays tour through this memorial weekend. thank you for joining me. i hope you enjoyed your visit. join me again next time for another rousing journey through my life.