yesterday i was really peeved by the time i got home. our office manager had been in a huff all day because her mail hadnt been dealt with during the week she was on vacation. i believe it was only one person she felt should have taken care of it. but she was demonstrating her bad temper to every one except the IV nurses, as far as i could tell. she was blaming it on us talking too much. the thing she usually overlooks is the time she spends chatting with the nurses, as well as looking things up online – i have seen her monitor on other things besides her work during the same work hours we all have – and the other inconsistencies in her administration of corrections and allowances. she has on two different occasions expressed my perfume has given her an instant headache, on those really rare days i even wear a little. but one of the business office women wears a very heavy fragrance every day – the kind that fills the room and stays there – and what is more she reapplies it at both smoke breaks and at lunch in an attempt to cover the smell of her heavy smoking. she is the only one who gets to have two additional breaks a day to accommodate her habit. any of us can go down to the first floor to the snack room and get treats when its not busy, but woe to the one who would go twice a day every day and stay gone fifteen minutes each time, regardless of patient flow. she isnt the only one with inconsistencies and moody temperaments. there is usually something petty going on.

mind you, i dont dislike working there. every time i feel gripey about the pettiness, i come back to the fact that its still the best place i have ever worked. and really, for ten women to work as well together as we do is pretty amazing. my little gripe sessions are shared only with one other at work, or i stew about it while i take my shower in the evening, and then im fine by the time im done, as if all that annoyance goes down the drain with the soap and water. it is only annoyance, and i dont want to make a federal case out of it, because then i would be doing the same same thing that aggravates me in the first place. wouldnt that be amusing?

so having gotten it off my mind, im ready to start a whole new day, and have fun at work, and make the front office a cheery place for patients to encounter on their way in and back out of again.

thanks for listening.

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