1peter3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

we had more storms blowing through last night. i couldnt help thinking about my friend and coworker in pryor, who i knew was likely in her storm shelter. that was the first thing they built on the property they purchased, even before starting their house. a lot of people have storm shelters in this part of the country, for obvious reasons. this is tornado ally, after all. in the storm last week there were ten reported tornados in this corner of the state, one of which rocked the motor home they bought to live in till they get their house built.

as the winds came raging across the county where i live, with the wall of rain, and the lightning, the sirens started sounding. the whole north eastern quarter of the state was under tornado warnings. i havent yet heard if or how many there might have been, but im sure there were some. the sky was that greenish color.

as the beau was watching the weather reports, i went off to take my shower. my mind is always so clear in the shower. i could hear the tornado sirens going off, but i wasnt afraid. i was in my storm shelter. i never leave it. i live there. i knew that because of my covenant with God that i wouldnt be hit. i also knew that even if something did get past my shield of faith, that God would restore whatever was lost or taken. like He did for job. most people use the story of job to teach that God took everything away from job to test his commitment to Him. its taught that way. never mind that the book specifically states that it was satan who tried to get God to strike job, and God would not. rather, God interceded for him. job lived in fear that his children had offended God somehow when they partied each night, and that they would be struck down, and that he would also lose everything as a result. he said so, stating that ‘what he feared most had come upon him.’ living in fear gives the devil an opening into ones affairs, and access to ones goods. but he revered God enough that it gave Him some recourse to intercede on jobs behalf, and afford him some cover. and in the end, was able to restore seven times as much to him what he had lost. that is the God i am in covenant with. and Jesus is the guarantor if that covenant.

its a pretty secure shelter from the storm.

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