the neighborhood garage sale is not until the 24th, so its farther off than i thought. so if we are ready, we may have one in two weeks anyway, and then have one during the neighborhood sale too. personally, i like opening about 6am, beating the heat and catching all the retired people and guys who get out early to beat the crowds. when ever we have had early sales we have sold the most. and then we can close earlier and do other things.

in other news, the grass i planted behind the shed and along the fence is long enough to include in the next yard mowing. it isnt quite think enough yet to mow, but its growing fast. im going to seed again this weekend, along the other side of the yard where there are bare spots, and to strengthen the main area. the little trees in pots are getting leaves too. the roses and the azaleas have bloomed. the couple who sold us this house put in all pink flowers, to match the roses maybe. im definitely going to get some other colors and add my own signature to the beds. i pulled out the pink impatiens. it was just too much pink. although i like pink. i want to get some silver,



and maybe red

to offset the pink.

you get the idea.

i would have picked white azaleas myself. in the back i have even more room to play around with plants. i love having a yard to play in. 🙂

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