cats have much more to them than people often think. at least mine do. let me introduce you to the furrier members of my family.

gizmo phone pic

gizmo – favorite pastimes are bugging us in the bathroom, eating ice cream, and chewing on plastic.

this is the little prince of the house. he is going on 10yrs now, he came to us right after our little 8yr old siamese died of heart failure. we were in shock from it, and werent planning to get another cat, but the vet where we were inquiring about her sudden death had this little drop off in her arms. he was about 2 months old, and suffered from malnutrition. he was fearless, quite the jumper, and had these enormous ears. she handed him to me, and he captured my heart. he had a voracious appetite, and soon was looking sleek and healthy. but he was really demanding of attention, and his way. he doesnt comprehend the word ‘no’. he thinks it means ‘now’. we call him sassy, and saucy boy (among other names) because of his attitude. he really thinks he’s a prince.


maggie pie – favorite pastimes are stalking nozomi, insisting i pet her now, and competing for ice cream.

we found this one while on a walk one day down by the river. there among the river stones was a rock with copper eyes. then it meowed. and it was fluffy. that was about 8 years ago. she let us pet her, and obviously wanted loving, but was skittish too. we tricked her, and caught her, and brought her home. i gave her the only bath i ever have given her, which she took surprisingly well. her eyes are copper in the sun, but emerald in the house. she lives in a world of her own. we call her crazy maggie, because she can be so, uh, nuts. she often comes up to me and meows in this clearly inquisitive tone, asking to be petted. but if i pick her up, her voice instantly changes to a clearly perturbed complaint of ‘nooo!’ and she has a whole dictionary of syllables she says. sometimes she will come into the bathroom when im in there, lay down and flip over, and then get up and walk back out.

king of the cage

thor – favorite pastimes are stealing warm spots just vacated, cuddling with nozi, and being a tease.

we brought thor home from the plant where the beau works before his eyes were open. he and his littermates were about 3 weeks old, and their mother had been killed. he found homes for the rest, but this one was really vocal. he said he liked that about him. we weaned him, and maggie helped raise him – or maybe just enjoyed playing with him. he was tough to feed from a bottle, because he was feral enough by birth, and just got all frantic. he has always been full of energy, and used to jump 5-6 straight up during play time. he still likes to play, and loves the laser pointer best. he runs from me when he thinks i want him for something, but will come up to on his own to be petted. he doesnt like to be held. he’s a beefy 10lbs + with a sissy little ‘mee?’ voice. he loves all the other cats, and the dog. he thinks he is a tiger.

nozi phone pic

nozomi – favorite pastimes are eating and being held.

nozi is our special needs kitty. her DNA was a bit scrambled when her mother ingested some antipsychotic drugs during pregnancy, and she has a hair lip and isnt real bright. she has one syllable that she says … a lot. she really likes to be held, and likes thor. the other two have been less than civil to her, so she is defensive to them. she can hold her own, and bit gizmo on the tail giving him an abscess. he doesnt pick fights with her anymore. maggie likes to stalk her about once a week, and then they scream at each other. its an unearthly sound. then its over. i can delay it when i see maggie gearing up, but she will follow thru eventually. i figure they are discussing princess status. we call her our chupacabra.



cinnamon – favorite pastimes are eating, playing, and sleeping on her bed.

cinnamon is all about playing and eating. she’s silly and she knows it. i think. when we are having dinner, she is either begging for a scrap or guarding our meal from the cats. she guards the grocery bags while im putting stuff away too. she likes being outside, but only when its nice out. fair weather dog. her first home was a lot with a small bare doghouse with a 6 foot chain holding her to it. she has a nice dry bed now. she’s all dog, but is happy to be part of a pack made up of cats and people.

thats the main body of our household. its never dull here.

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