some of you have asked what a french drain is, so i thought i would tell a little about them.

basically, its a trench filled with gravel that routs water away from your yard. its a simple design, however it can be labor intensive, depending on how long the trench needs to be.

it works by gravity, so the trench has to slope downward away from the point to be drained. that makes sense 🙂  after looking at a number of examples, ive found my drain doesnt have to be in a straight line, so i can tailor it to fit where i put it. im considering a drain leading away from the center of the back wall of the den, and curving around the south side of the house toward the front, since my front yard slopes down to the street. that should effectively drain where the greatest part of the water gathers. the good thing is the water that pools up soaks down into the ground rather quickly, so my drain ought to work well.

we also got five baby trees in the mail yesterday from the arbor foundation. the beau send off for them, and they were free. so this weekend we will be planting trees in buckets, until we decide where we will be placing them permanently. i love trees. i had a wonderful horse chestnut tree when i lived in portland oregon (or’-e-gun) where i went to grade school. it was huge, and came with the house my grandmother bought when we moved there from idaho. i miss that old tree.

VenoTree.gif (74021 bytes)

[Horse Chestnut tree][Flower spike of the Horse Chestnut]



the trees we received are

goldenrain tree

sargent crabapple

Sargent Crabapple (Malus  sargenti)









white dogwood

Cornus florida 'White' DOGWOOD 'WHITE' from Sooner Plant Farm

washington hawthorn

Hawthorn, Washington—Crataegus phaenopyrum

eastern redbud

and a crape myrtle for good measure


its going to be a fun weekend.

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