this town really doesnt have a good drain system for rain. maybe it doesnt rain hard very often, but in the spring when the storms hit, it comes down hard and fast. and it does this every year. you would think there would be better drainage off the streets. you would think. but hey, this is a town that has no public storm shelters (maybe no one does, im not sure. but most of the houses have no basements either. right here in tornado land.uh huh.) so monday night/tuesday morning we had severe thunderstorms passing over, with torrential rains. the intersection where we turn to drop off the beau for work becomes a lake that can get nearly as high as the doors of the car. that is the only way in or out, so we have to drive through it. our altima has pressurized fuel injection, so we didnt get any water into the lines. just a little on the air filter, i think. still, there should be some kind of drain there, but there isnt.


my back yard became a swamp. so ive decided we’re going to put in a french drain. maybe two. the whole yard is full of water. its raining again this morning, but not as hard. i like steady, light rain, but i dont care much for this.

im supposed to be getting a picture of a computer desk. a drug rep that happens to be a girl who grew up near one of my co workers has the desk in her garage. she is giving it to me for free, and her husband will even deliver it. im eager to get it, so we can get our office more organized.  i so hate clutter.


my son was due to get home from iraq yesterday. after eight years in the marines, and two tours in iraq, he will be getting out of the military, and wants to pursue a career in the police force or sheriff’s department. that may be cliché to some, but im very proud of him for it.

well, its off to work. looking forward to the weekend. its supposed to be cool and clear. i will be doing some yard work.

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