ive been spring cleaning. trying to get all the clutter sorted out, and the bin of stuff to file filed. my table is cleared off, except for the stuff i want to work on. we’re going shopping today, to get a new bed for cinnamon, so she wont be a welfare dog sleeping on an old folded up comforter. we’re getting some bathroom throw rugs too, so when gizmo gets the rips he wont be slinging rugs across the floor. maybe thats the fun part. then we’re off to the local home improvement store to get some top soil and more grass seed for the yard, and a ladder to use to get up into the attic. instead of two plastic buckets stacked. uh huh. i dont like it either. i havent been in the attic yet, and i want to see what its like. before it gets hot. and lastly, some pruning shears for the roses. i am going to learn to properly take care of roses. everyone should know how to care for roses, i think. because.

in the quest to file my taxes, i called H&R block. they wanted over $300 to do my taxes if i claimed deductions.

um, thats a little more than i was expecting, ok, thank you *click*.

i opened a new account with turbo tax, and did them again myself. i then called a rep right before i paid, explaining what had happened the previous time, and asked her to stay on the line while i went thru the process, just in case. after asking me several questions, she asked me to hold a moment, did something, and then said ‘ok, go ahead’. i proceeded, and it went well. i followed the next few steps involved in paying and e-filing, and ta-da! success, without a problem. i was most pleased.

i guess i was more stressed over this than i realized. i had been feeling quite scatter brained, and forgetting things. having a rapid fire attention span is normal for me. however, being unable to focus when i want to isnt. nor is leaving my phone at home twice in one week. being emotional is normal for me, but i am still calm most of the time. being easily rattled isnt. i also sleep well, even though i wake up during the night. im always rested in spite of it. being unable to sleep isnt like me.

yesterday, although it was the beau’s saturday to work, i had quite a leisurely day. i so needed it. other than vacuuming the den, i simple enjoyed being home and doing fun things. i pampered myself a bit, tried a new nail polish – which i love – tried a new hair product, and played a video game. i had the windows open, the dog outside for some serious fresh air, and since i had gotten most of the cleaning done the night before, was able to enjoy the day distraction free. thats a rare thing. not once did i feel there was something i needed to be doing other than what i was doing. after the beau came home, went out in the yard and did some doodoo duty, looked for signs of new grass where i planted some seed, checked on the state of the flowers i have so far, and then fed the menagerie.

im looking forward to shopping around today. it will be fun, im sure.

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