indeed, it has been a taxing experience. easter weekend was fine, and then monday i started my tax returns. i have used turbotax for the past two years, and everything was fine. but this year i had a problem. i had completed both federal and state taxes, and was looking to get a nice return, including the $600 rebate everyone gets this year. ‘time to file’ the program said. you have to pay first, so i paid. ‘oops! we have some errors to address before we can file electronically’. huh? ok …

then began the nightmare. i was taken back to the forms for my HSA account, and told if i override the pre calculated entries i cant file electronically. why wasnt i informed of that first? ok, so i canceled the override, my return was reduced to less than the rebate. i tried redoing the whole medical section. several times. every time i got a different amount due back, or sometimes an amount owed. i finally decided to clear it and start over, but i had already paid so i couldnt. i decided to opt for a refund, which for the software you are given 60 days in which to request one. if you do the online version, as i had, you cant have a refund. by paying, you are stating you are completely satisfied with the program, and no refund is given.

well i was satisfied at the time i paid. it wasnt until i tried to file electronically that i was told there were errors that needed to be addressed. or i could print everything, and mail it as is. i wanted to e-file, so i followed the program to the pages to be fixed, and thats when all the trouble started.

two days i tried to work it out, but i was unable to fix whatever was wrong. i was also unable to go back far enough to address other questions that perhaps were entered wrongly. by now i was getting really stressed.

yesterday i called the 1-800 number, explained the problem, and was refunded my payment. i was also given a reference number, since i was at work when i called, so i can call back when im home and can pick up where i left off.

i dont get really stressed like that very often. i should have put it all in Gods hands at the very beginning. duh.  but better late than never. i will get my taxes filed, and i know i will get a nice return this year. i have my peace back, and thats more important than anything.

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