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time and attention have been my biggest challenges lately. i have decided to make a conscientious effort to recover my discipline in study, reading, and posting to my blog. for a long time, i was distracted with taking care of sammy, and spending time with her. i spent some time in my bible, but not like i used to. my books on spanish, sign language, and anatomy sat on my table under growing piles of half opened mail and papers to file, and receipts to enter into my bank book. there was a time when i had very good habits concerning these things. but then, sammy was content to sit on my lap or gaze out the window while i attended to business. there was always time to play afterwards, and i kept up with all the little tasks that daily life requires. even though i worked full time. however, in the last six years, with her declining health, and two other pets with equally demanding health concerns (both which passed away before sammy) my focus became more fragmented as my attention was directed more and more on them.

moving into our house brought more strain on my attention span, with rooms in disarray, and boxes yet unpacked.

now i am at a new beginning. our remaining animals are healthy, and still in their prime, and most of the rooms in the house are the way i want them. last weekend the beau spent most of his time getting the stuff of the office boxed up and stored more the way he wants, and getting it ready to put up the shelves. we found frames for a poster and some pictures that were long awaited. i finally have decided i want to make the front room into a parlor of sorts.

with less clutter i will have more focus. i will be more productive once again.