sometimes things dont go the way you plan. thats not news. its good to be able to bend with the wind when that happens. firmly rooted, but flexible.

the beau wasnt going to have to work any saturdays this month. but the mother of one of the guys he works with passed away yesterday, and this was his saturday to work. so the beau volunteered to work in his place. the hours for saturday are 6 to 2:30, and he took the car rather than me driving it home. when he got there, he called me to tell me he was on his way back because there was smoke/steam coming from under the hood, by the radiator. i would have to drive him back to work, and then take the car to our mechanic a little later in the morning.


i got there a bit early, and had to wait, but i wanted to be first in line in case it got busy, which it usually does on saturdays. when they looked under the hood, they found the radiator had a crack in the top section. the bad news is its going to be $431 and three hours to fix. the good news is they were able to get the new radiator right away, and so it will be fixed today. i was going to call a taxi, but the owners grandson works there on saturdays, so he drove me home, and i will take a cab back after they call me to tell me its done. the new guy that works there is nice enough, but he talks too much, and im not that chatty with someone i dont know real well. i dont think i could take three hours of him on an empty stomach.

so here i sit until they call me back. i have to work on filing my taxes, which is time consuming. but i expect a return, so i am not reluctant to do it.

my next friday off is march 21, good friday. i will be going to the department of safety to renew my license. silly me. i thought my renewal date was march, but it was january. woops. so i wont be driving any more than i have to till then. like i have so many places to go. i really like being home anyway. having a good job full time makes my time off at home even better.

travel oregon

before i left the garage, while i was waiting to find out what was wrong, i was looking at magazines. one that they had three issues of was ‘travel oregon’. of course i looked at all three. it made me very homesick, and kindled the desire to move back all the hotter. just because i bought this house, and even though i like it very much, it doesnt change my desire or my plan to move back and live in a house in view of the ocean. i also looked at a gardening magazine, and got some ideas for my yard.

house on the coast

ah, saturdays.