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february 29 only comes around every four years, so it seemed like a good day to schedule off from work. that and my birthday is sunday, so i couldnt schedule it off. just as well. this gives me a three day birthday. the beau now gets four weeks of vacation time, so i dont feel bad for having the day off when he doesnt.

i still have to take gizmo to the vet for a bandage change – hopefully this will be the last one. his tail has been shaved half way from his derriere to the tip, so it will look funny for a while. yes, you will get a picture. cinnamon is getting vaccinated today as well.

i plan to be home as much as possible today. i have taxes to do, photo projects, some things that need putting away, and of course my spanish and sign language.

our other turtle, newman, died yesterday. he was here when we bought the house. perhaps we should have let him brave the winter on his own, but we kept kramer in every winter for ten years. sigh. thats six pets in as many months. i have a pet cemetery in my back yard now.

im still missing the ocean. i love the winter storms at sea. dangerous, yes, particularly if youre out on the water. but beautiful none the less. a captivating beauty that will always have my heart. we still plan to move to oregon or washington. that hasnt changed. the time frame was altered a bit is all.

not much else to talk about. so im off to get things going.