i’ve been tagged for a meme by keeperskorner. i hope i can think of 25 needs …

rules of the “Survivor Needs” meme:

please link back to the originating meme at Survivors Can Thrive, so people can see its origins, get ideas for their own self-care list, see who’s already been tagged, and maybe we can track how far this meme goes.

  • list 25 needs and 5 wants. try to restrict your needs list to things that have to do with being a survivor of some sort of abuse, assault, etc. your list can be anything…you want!
  • use this list to remind yourself to get your needs met this holiday season and in the New Year.
  • pass on this meme and tag five people to play this meme with you.



  1. i need my relationship with God thru Jesus
  2. i need time in His Word
  3. i need time praying in the Spirit 
  4. i need validation occasionally
  5. i need my independence
  6. i need to be among people regularly
  7. i need my job
  8. i need time in the woods
  9. i need time spent working out
  10. i need my beau
  11. i need time writing in my blogs
  12. i need a certain amount of time alone
  13. i need to make my own decisions
  14. i need honesty from other people
  15. i need to be heard once in a while
  16. i need pets in my life
  17. i need play time
  18. i need my house to be clean
  19. i need to be myself
  20. i need to make a difference once in a while
  21. i need focus
  22. i need laughter
  23. i need contact with animals
  24. i need my own style
  25. i need to be generous and helpful


  • i want to live by the pacific ocean
  • i want to learn to fly a plane
  • i want to learn spanish, german, and sign language
  • i want a 1969/1970 silvery black jaguar XKE
  • i want a blue roan gelding

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