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im beginning to get used to being without my little gray companion of 18 years. sort of. my time had really been wrapped around her the last 7 years since she was diagnosed with diabetes. im still getting up at 330 am to get my shower before i get the beau up at 4, since he is working 6 to 430 all week while one of the guys is on vacation. normally he only goes in this early on wednesdays. for so long i got up to get her breakfast, then i got ready, and then i got the beau up so he could get ready for work. only on weekends i went back to bed for a couple of hours. ive really never kept a conventional schedule anyway. i may not be able to sleep later than 330 for a while. i still wake up between 12 and 2 am, when sammy would wake up and have to use her box, since most nights she slept with me. when she could get around on her own easily she got up on her own. but the bed is high, and after she began to get a bit too old to jump down safely, i got up and took her to her cage, where she spent the rest of the night. now the cage is empty. but i still wake up. i still have to go right home after work to let the dog out, and feed everyone. but it isnt as urgent anymore.

im getting used to the new glasses too. took about a week to learn to see with them. and a few adjustments to make them fit right. i havent got any pictures taken yet, but i will. i do like them. the most dramatic thing was the depth perception difference. i had to be careful going down stairs, because it was quite different and i wasnt sure where to step. but ive got it now. bifocals. a whole new outlook.

the office manager is retiring in two years, so she has made some changes at work. some of her duties have been delegated between two coworkers, but she is still the boss. i dont know who will be the new OM after she leaves. as long as its not me. not that i couldnt do it, but i dont want to be boss over my coworkers. i would rather come in completely new to a place as manager.

everything else seems more dramatic than it is because my personal space is so different. i have always had cats, and still have four now. they are pets, and i love them dearly. but sammy was more than a pet. she was my companion. she loved me more than just wanting attention. she missed me when i was gone. she greeted me when i came home. she followed me around, and loved me to hug her. she kissed me often. she always answered me when i called her name. she shared yogurt with me. she enjoyed my singing. she slept with me. she trusted me. she really loved me.