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the eye exam was cool, well sort of. i dont like the drops that numb your eyes for the pressure test – of course its way better than going without. but otherwise i find it interesting rather than enjoyable. not unpleasant however. as always, my eyes are in sparkling health.

i think its just that my eyes are tired from the strain of working under the intense fluorescent lighting i sit directly under at work all day. i have always had slightly imperfect distance vision, due to the mild amblyopia i have in my left eye, and have worn glasses at age 9, and again when i was 26. but i hated them, because the bothered my nose, and always slid down. and i can see pretty good anyway. but since i have been working under these intense fluorescents, my eyes have been really fatigued. i work under the brightest lights in the office, and do not have the option of toning it down by removing one bulb – at least not under the current manager, who isnt retiring until 2010. the floaters are gone, however, which is a relief. they were so annoying. the reading glasses i got last year were fine for a while, but i have had the same problem with them bothering my nose and sliding down. the transition after wearing them all day at work, and then taking them off after to drive and any other normal activity, was getting too hard also. my eyes were objecting.

the pair i am getting next, to fix all this, is seamless bifocals, in a light weight black cherry plastic frame with no nose pieces. they will be transitions, so i can go out in bright sunlight and still see, and they will have a light rose tint to help shield my eyes from the glare of the fluorescent lights at work. this will be helpful with my dyslexia as well. im actually excited about them.

they will be ready tuesday afternoon, so i will go on my lunch break to pick them up. after calling to see if they are ready, in case something causes a delay. and then i will post pictures.

rosey pig