sammy has the strongest will to live of any cat i have ever known. all she has been through, and she refuses to leave. even the vets where we take her say ‘that cat is going to live forever’. i know that will not be the case forever, but i believe when she does go, it will be peacefully and not because of sickness.

most recently she contracted a respiratory virus, which settled in her sinuses and eyes, with it came a fever, and loss of appetite. at 5 lbs she cant afford to lose her appetite. she lost even more weight, and became listless. this twisted me up of course. we had some antibiotics on hand, and she improved after we gave her some – because of course this happened on the weekend, and our vets isnt open on sunday. still, getting her eat was a challenge for several days. i have often fallen back on force feeding plain yogurt at times like this. this morning she ate like normal almost. and the virus is gone, and almost all the symptoms are gone. shes doing much better, almost like her old self again.

its funny and sad at the same time to watch her walk. she has some neuropathy from the diabetes, and her back legs are weakened, so she shuffles along. when i pick her up, her legs dangle. it doesnt really slow her down though, she still follows me around like the puppy cat she has always been. her eyes are cloudy looking now, but she seems to be able to see as well as ever. a good deal of my life is spent in caring for her now.

 i have had many cats in my lifetime. most have been pets. and one always has some kind of relationship with their cats, if they love them. but sammy has been a friend to me as well. we have a bond i havent had with any other animal ive ever cared for. she has cared for me in return, and has been as devoted as one sees in good dogs. she knows she is loved.

eighteen years we have had this friendship. when i do have to say good by, its going to be very hard indeed.

grey puddin

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