im off to see the optometrist – no pun intended – after work today. its my early friday, so i will get off work about 1pm, or as soon as i can wrap up my work. then im off to have my eyes examined, and get a new pair of reading glasses. im tired of the pair i got last year. the nose pieces really annoy my nose, and one side is always loose. how bothersome. so im going to look for a pair that doesnt have those nose piece things, and are also easier to look over the the tops of.

sammy just got over a respiratory infection, and lost a bit more weight. a bit is a lot for her. but she has such a strong will to live, she just overcomes everything. i have always told her she has my permission to go whenever she is ready. she just hasnt been ready yet.

it snowed yesterday. and it was so pretty. nothing stuck to the roads, but the drivers here get so scared of driving when it snows. i find it annoying, because i frequently find myself behind two or three cars all driving 10-15 mph below the limit, on nothing more than wet pavement, and they wont let me out from behind them. but then, i have a lot of complaints about tulsa drivers, so i wont go there now …

cant wait to get new the reading glasses   🙂