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it turned out to be a lovely Christmas after all. the moon was full and bright Christmas eve, and i had the house clean once again. i had my single ornament, a white and silver bauble given to me by friends at work, hanging from the beam of the entryway between the den and the dining room. and we sat down to open one gift each. that is our way at Christmas. one gift on the eve, and the rest in the morning. mine was certainly a surprise! a four disk set of the lost episodes of dark shadows, 37 episodes from 1966 to 1968. i didnt even know there were lost episodes! these are the episodes before barnabas collins appeared. they set the stage, beginning with how victoria winters came to collinsport in the first place. i was quite thrilled with this! dark shadows was the only soap opera i ever watched, faithfully every day after school at 4:30. this is where my love of goth was born.

the beau’s gift was the newest socom game for his psp that i gave him last year. i had only one other gift for him, one i put together myself. it was two collages in matching picture frames of his two most beloved pets, who now wait at the rainbow bridge till we are all together again – spook and bougar. he loved the collages ūüôā

he gave me four other gifts, one of which i must boast about. it is a two carat diamond tennis bracelet in soft gold. its really beautiful! first time i ever had a tennis bracelet. then there is the playstation 3, kind of for both of us, and a game for me to play. ah video games … how i love a good adventure video game!

and now on to reflections of the year in passing. it has been a more eventful year than many before it.

in march i reached the half century mark. its been a wonderful age to be. i also got reading glasses (third pair in my life. the first was when i was 8, the second when i was 23, and i didnt keep either for very long as i hated wearing them). i had a physical, and that proved me to be in excellent health.

i owed taxes to the IRS for the first time in about thirty years, having gotten a raise and having my tax status such that they didnt take out enough last year. that wont happen again!

my son went to iraq the first time, and recently went back for his second tour. after this one, he will be getting out of the marines. my daughter in law and i located his natural father shortly before he left for this last tour, and that has proved to be a sweet reunion for them. and i never had to speak to him, i got to speak to his wife of 15 years instead. she was quite happy to hear from me, and wasnt the least bit offended – rather she was thrilled. i was just relieved i didnt have to talk to him and she wasnt pissed that i called.

this last fall i bought my first house. and it turned out to be a very good choice as this last ice storm proved. the storm was an event in itself as well.

i managed to drop 1/3 of my weightloss goal so far. not saying how much that amounts to …

right before we moved, one of our snakes passed away. then three days after we moved in our oldest dog passed away, and during the ice storm our old turtle passed away. many tears. but then again, during the same ice storm my next granddaughter was born. yes, my daughter in law had her first child, take c section. her name is sienna carol.

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so all in all it has been an eventful year.