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i awoke this morning to icy rains. the leaves and branches are all glassy, crystalline, and the sky an even steel gray. thee are little icicles along anything with a straight edge. inside, my home is warm and cozy. in a little while i will shower, and make hot cereal for breakfast. i love mornings at home like this.

last night i talked with my daughter in law for a bit. her baby was due on the fourth of december, and still has not made her debut. if she doesnt deliver before then, she will be induced tuesday or thursday. i have asked the Lord to bring the baby before. i expect to hear today or tomorrow.

i still dont have my gifts bought and ready to send. now im getting antsy. maybe i will shop online, and have things shipped. but then you cant have things wrapped. i could bribe my mom to receive everything and wrap it for me …


river rants

last week i got the opportunity to say publicly something i had wanted to for some time. the radio station i listen to has tuesday ‘would you rather’ in the mornings while i am driving to work. tulsa started this arkansas river development issue some months ago, but the vote to get taxes to cover the cost didnt pass. so now its going to be funded privately, or by the smaller towns close to the river. the ‘would you rather’ question was, would you rather tulsa step up and develop the river, or the surrounding towns. i called the station with my opinion.

what i said was, i would like to see tulsa take care of the river project, but that i first on the agenda should be river clean up. i told the DJs how my beau used to work for a company that contracts out to sun oil, the refinery that sits on the bank of the river, to deploy boom to contain the natural oils that seeps up from the ground and casts a sheen on the water. this oil is natural, and has been seeping for thousands of years. its not really that hazardous. what is hazardous is the black hole, a ditch that comes from somewhere in the refinery that pours black, green and purple ooze into the river constantly. but they never put boom there, because it ‘doesnt exist’. i told them about the fish with bloody eyes and gills. i told them how sun would rather pay the fines for not being up to code, than fix the problems, because its cheaper. not wanting to take up too much time, i didnt tell them about the pink stuff that comes up from under the refinery every time it rains hard, stuff that was used in the refining process and is apparently in the ground now and is lighter than water so it rises when the water table rises and appears on the floors of the refinery, to be washed away into … you guessed it – the river. i didnt tell them how the flare towers, tall stacks that have flames at the top, for burning off the excess gases, flare really high at night, when the town sleeps, and how frequently the air reeks in the morning as far away as my house, a good six to ten miles away. i didnt tell them how easy it is to sneak onto the grounds, which i think is a bad security breach. not that i would know anything about that …

but i got to say enough for one comment. and they aired my entire comment. that was gratifying, to say the least. not that i expect sun oil, or sinclair oil, the other refinery also on the river bank, to change anything just from my comment. but maybe more people will become aware of the serious problem. maybe i will speak out again, since this river development issue is not dead. its not that my heart is in tulsa by any means. but people fish in this river all the time. their are endangered birds on a small island in this river right up by the refinery. the pollutants travel down river for other towns to reap the benefits from. i care about that.