i have many things to be thankful for.

  • my covenant with God that makes all things possible, and covers me with so many blessings
  • my house, the first house thats really mine.
  • my son, and all the troops that are out serving to protect me and my country from harm.
  • my job, the best place i have ever worked
  • my relationship with my beau
  • dropping 15lbs  😀
  • sammy
  • winter
  • all the colors there are
  • mockingbirds and fireflies

i dont know where to begin or end, i am thankful for so many things. mostly, i am thankful im here, and i get to be a part of this life. there have been many hard places to go through, and sometimes i felt like i was drowning. but i am still happy to be alive, and i revel in being.