my friend ro, who i work with, has been after me to go riding with her for the last two years. for one reason or another it just has never worked out. until last sunday. we took cloud and jag, her two horses, and went across the road to the fields behind the medical center recently built, and had a wonderful ride. we rode about two hours, and would have ridden longer, but jag is a bit out of shape, and got quite a lather under the saddle. so, we headed back, washed off the horses, and went out for enchiladas. i had such a good time!

 before saddling

cloud and jag before the ride, and penny in the back.

 rolane and cloud

rolane and cloud

 on the way

my view on jag

 lot of water

there were a lot of ponds

bare tree

cool tree


hosed off and rolling


stiff legged bonnie