you would think, having had three days off recently, i would have gotten something written sooner than now. but i did have some things to do still around the house, and having time to spend with my animals after this big move was just a higher priority. not that i didnt miss being here writing, and reading, and commenting. oh how i miss commenting! seems i always have something to say to every one  😀

so i had monday, tuesday, and wednesday off last week, and then worked thursday and half a day friday, and started my weekend with an early off friday. the beau had to work his usual schedule, ad then had to work saturday. but, he doesnt have to work any more saturdays this month. and tweaking the interior is more my forte anyway.

sammy’s most recent trip to the vet was for dental cleaning. she hasnt ever had her teeth cleaned. routine blood work revealed anemia. seems her bones arent making the replacement blood as fast as normal. next week another blood test will show the improvement i have prayed for. i dont want to have to put her on hormone therapy, or transfusions. she has been through enough.

all the other menagerie are fine, with only a few flaws in an otherwise livable feline hierarchy.

its finally feeling like home. really home. i find i still look forward to moving out to the coast, and that is my hearts desire. but still, for the time being, i am loving it here in this house. almost makes tulsa feel tolerable. imagine that.