many thanks to all whose kind thoughts and words regarding bougar have been sent my way. whether you were able to get to my site and leave a comment, or not. her passing is a part of life in this world, although death is not in the original design and therefore we never get used to it. we miss her. however, we neither have regrets because she had a good life with us, and we enjoyed each others company.
the house is coming together at last. i have a deadline, self imposed, of next saturday, when i will be having friends from work over to warm the house. this is helping me ‘get it together’. some things i have to wait for, and i hate to wait. i have to wait for the rug for the bedroom. i cant finish our bedroom till i get the rug. ack. i have to wait for the shelf in the bath. more ack. there is always something to do away from the house, that takes longer than anticipated. still more ack. the directv guy was late because he had problems at a previous house. wasnt his fault, and we tipped him well, as he did a good job. but he finished up around 10:30 pm friday night. aaacckk. still, its coming along, and i am most pleased with it.
and i finally have time for writing again! at least a little!