the closing date is set for friday. i am kind of beside myself, i am so full of anticipation! the last detail i need is the documentation for the gift money the beau is providing for the closing costs. we are just waiting for the funds to arrive, and i am eager to have everything in place. like a horse chomping at the bit, stamping her feet. all my thoughts are in my new house. its so very hard to wait!

one of our ringneck snakes died over the weekend. we had two, jasper and goldie. jasper has always been a bit larger, but the two thrived in their glass terrarium. the beau brought them home from work about ten years ago, after finding them on the company property. we fed them earthworms that were almost as big as they were. about a month ago, maybe longer, goldie stopped eating. well, snakes regularly go long periods without eating. but occasionally she would try to eat a worm, only to let it go. she began to get thin. she had shed most of her skin, but still had some left on her tail. i guess she was just getting old. we have no idea how old they were when we brought them home to live with us. i miss her.

nosomi is right at home. everybody has accepted her, and she they. still the occasional hiss here and there, but mostly everything is fine.

i have begun packing, and sammy knows what boxes mean. she doesnt seem to be getting concerned with it this time. i guess she knows by now that moving only means moving together.

i just am so ready to start …