its no surprise that i am so attracted to gothic culture. when one reads about dark romanticism in literature, authors like poe and hawthorne come to the forefront. although i am not that familiar with hawthorne, poe was one of my favorite authors while i was in high school, and i still like his work today. his, and others like him, are referred to as dark romantics, and is closely related to gothic fiction, which i love.

but maybe the way dark romanticism originated closely mirrors the way my own perspective developed. early on i could see, both from observing others, and honestly confronted with my own heart and conscience, the imperfections of man and the world.

  • The first law of thermodynamics says that the total quantity of energy in the universe remains constant. This is the principle of the conservation of energy.

  • The second law of thermodynamics states that the quality of this energy is degraded irreversibly. This is the principle of the degradation of energy.

simply put, order degrades into disorder. things decay. death touches everything. this became apparent to me very early on. as a teen, i became immersed in a gothic mind set that only years later became a culture fashion. everyone experiences some angst in their growing years. some truly do feel the way i did, and sometimes still do, about life on this planet. but personally, since goth culture became a subculture in america, i think many of its devotees are more interested in shocking the martha stewart majority than anything else.

but that aside, i have always been of a gothic mind. i have always known how dangerous it is to put ones confidence in people. i have always found people will disappoint, sell out, fail, betray, desert. people will lie to save their face. people will steal to have what they want. people will justify their own doings, and condemn another. this is even more evident in religious circles. i grew up in a very religious circle. the most religious circle.

when people ask me how i can be gothic, and still be a Christian, the answer is simple. i have no idealistic notions about the state of man, and the curse on the world. but i have every confidence in the plan of salvation that God has executed, and put into effect. when i accepted His offer, He gave me new life. i became a new creature. i still have to take His word, and renew my mind to the new life He gave me, which isnt an overnight accomplishment. but the covenant i have with Him provides me everything i need to overcome death and decay in every aspect of this life.

amazing thing, this salvation.