yesterday on my lunch break i went to the mortgage company, ironically named ‘first mortgage’ and signed all the papers, and handed the mortgage broker a check for the appraisal. later in the day i called the car insurance guy for a quote on home owners insurance. the closing is the 5th of october. i guess all that remains is to give my landlord notice. since we have a month deposit, we can give him his rightful 30 days, and use that time to move in. not that it will take that long. the beau wants to move in one trip. that shouldnt be a problem. next on the agenda is to pick out a refrigerator, washer/dryer combo, and a shower door for the bath tub. id like to get a large rug for the bedroom too. then get some curtains, and we’re set. i am planning on using the front room for dancing and workouts. i do not need two living rooms.

next item up is nosomi. i think i can bring her home today! the biopsy showed no cancer (i knew it would), and no fungus (i figured that too). seems to be a bacterial infection, with inflammation. the clindamycin should take care of that. and faith. i will get pictures of her today.

bougar continues to improve. she seems to have cracked a few teeth chewing her nylabones, and wont eat her dry food anymore. so she is getting the canned food sammy had left over, as sammy now prefers the dry version of her diet. so its all getting used.