today i will decide on which mortgage company i will go with. i have it narrowed down to my bank and a local mortgage company. on the advice of the beau, i had the two lenders speak with the seller about the closing costs they wanted him to pay for me. after their discussion, i was offered a much better deal. understandably, he didnt want to pay more than is required, and i knew he wouldnt. but it was so much better to let them discuss it among themselves, and then i dont look the fool for asking the ridiculous. as it stands, i can finance a large portion of the closing costs too. this is going to work out nicely! and i have learned so much. i have a better head for money issues now. i always have been a late bloomer.

bougar is much better, although her hips still seem to hurt her quite a bit. she falls a lot in the morning, when her back legs are still stiff from sleeping. so we stay close to her when we take her out in the morning, to help her when she is trying to do her business. still, i believe even this will succumb to the power of the Word of God.


we should get the results of the biopsy that was done on the new kitty, to see what needs to be done for her skin problems. then we can take her home, get her cleaned up, and begin integrating her into the fold. her funny little upper lip! as soon as i get some pictures, i will get them posted.

im so excited!