well, we decided on a house last week, signed a purchase agreement, and set the closing date. we plan to be in before halloween. we looked at two houses last sunday, but the second one was the one. actually, we both felt that way before we ever saw the inside, when we had driven past it a week earlier. all that remains is to pick a lender, and sign the loan agreement. i have learned a great deal about house buying this week. *deep breath*

i can barely contain my excitement, however! its a really beautiful house. the owners bought it and redid the inside, so its really nice. the kitchen has new appliances in black and steel, except for no refrigerator. the bath room is also redone with new tile, and a cool brass sink. ok, so its got a lot of yellow, and i would never have picked yellow. but if thats the only thing i can find i dont like, well … i can live with yellow. i will add blue and black that i already have. and maybe some green. or red. or both. or neither. the floors in both rooms are this tuscany tile. very old world. i like that. once we have moved in, and i get some of the decor going, i will show it off in the album.

bougar is better. her liver is healing, being an organ that can regenerate itself. of course we stood on the promises of God for her to recover. we also have a good vet, and know a little about natural healing as well. i have never thought faith was compromised by these things. what compromises faith is unbelief. to use natural methods in case faith doesnt work, for me thats never really believing in the first place. faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. vets and doctors, and natural remedies, i use my faith that they will be of some use. it has helped my animals be more comfortable while waiting in faith. it gives me something to do to act on my faith, for faith without works is dead. so, bougar is recovering, and we are believing the arthritis will be removed from her body as well. her legs need their strength back, so she can run and climb steps, and not slip and fall on the wood floors. and not be in pain.

we are taking in a cat whose owner cannot care for. she is an adorable girl, very sweet and loving. she has a skin problem that we are working to get cleared up before we bring her home. but the thing about her that makes her a little different is a birth defect. apparently her mother got into some pills, that is the theory. no one knows for sure. the whole litter had something wrong with them. hers is a cleft palate. it doesnt seem to hinder her ability to eat and lick as cats do. it just gives her a goofy kind of cute look. so … we have named her nosomi. japanese for *hope*. pictures to come.

in other news:



my son went off to iraq for his second tour. he will be mostly overseeing the work places and living places of the platoon he is with. he explained it to me, but i dont have a real clear idea. i just know he wont be in the battle front, such as it is. never the less, again my faith is hotly deployed with him, and the men of his squads. i have stood on the promise of isaiah 43:5 ever since the first hint he might go.

Fear not, for I am with you;
      I will bring your descendants from the east,
      And gather you from the west;


and i will not come off my stand on this, and on psalm 91. my God is faithful!


my new grand daughter will be born in december some time. i am hoping to find means to go visit her for a couple of days. my vacation days are all scheduled, but i can take a few personal days for this. we will see.