this was a long four days at work. it seems like when you have a holiday three day weekend, you get five days of stuff on the following four days at work. and us with one person on vacation all week. ya! but next week i have a four day week again, because im taking friday off. so that will make up for it. i scheduled a visit to my doctor friday to see why this bump i incurred five weeks ago, on my shin just above my ankle, wont go away. i think i may have a bone chip. the beau and i had an argument that evening, and i was trying to take a shower and forget about it. i guess i bumped my shin on the tub. i really dont know what i did to it. all i know is the next day i had a painfull bruise and a hard little bump on my shin the next morning, and it hasnt resolved itself. stupid briuse.

then there is bougar. our funny old chow. she has lost some weight in the last month, and was acting like she didnt feel good. the vet did an ultrasound, and it showed that her liver and her spleen have nodules. the vet seems to think they started in the spleen and metastasized to the liver. friday she had a needle biopsy and an aspirate to check the liver and spleen tissues, and the fluid in her abdomen. we will get the results early next week. but our stand as soon as we knew there were health issues was to stand on psalm 145, as we have for the cats in times past. God opens His hand and satisfies the desire of every living creature. bougar qualifies as a living creature. her desire is to be well. ask, she’ll tell you. we have received that from the open hand of God. she will be fine. this will pass.

this morning we had a raucous storm. it blew through around 2:30am, and rained hard on everything. by 5:30am, when i took the beau to work (had to work this saturday), there were garbage cans and branches, stalled cars and standing water everywhere. after a storm, its a surreal and strange trek to the west side of tulsa and back early in the morning. it almost feels like a nightmare, except im not scared. i am rarely ever scared. but it is strange to drive my routine route to take him to work on those early days when he has to be there at 6am, and there is so much weird stuff on the roads going and coming. and its still dark, so its even stranger. later, after i had couple hours more sleep, i found an electrical problem. seems when i had more than one major thing on the lights blinked a lot. the air and the computer. the fans and the blow dryer. sometimes just the air or the blow dryer. so i called PSO, and they resolved the problem. weather covers. i think they are little shield things that protect the connections where the main lines and the transformers hookup. they replaced them, and no more problems. happy me.

tomorrow we are going to look at two houses for sale in our neighborhood. and we are getting miss nibbles. the comic book store owner where the beau goes most fridays after work has this sweet kitty that he keeps at the store. she really has personality. trouble is, the cats he has at home wont accept her. so he has been keeping her at the store. but they are about to expand the store space, so her environment is going to shrink. besides, she has been getting upset at being alone at night at the store. so we are taking her. she’s a lovely little tortishell shorthair with skin allergies. thor will love her right off. he loves every one. gizmo will not like her. he doesnt like anyone except people. maggie, it will depend on what day it is. the dogs will love to have another cat. and sammy wont care either way. whats one more?

tomorrow i will take pictureas of the new cat and the houses we look at. i will post them as soon as i can.